Educational goal

 The college-based school "pragmatic, innovative, macro, Liberal" education philosophy, the set of four education goals:

(A) Practical Skills Enhancement Project
With training experiments, internships and special courses, the students implement and analysis capability, enabling the use of mathematics, science, engineering methods and information technology, mechanical and electrical industries to solve engineering problems.

(B) research and innovation and continuous learning
By planning various courses in content and inspire students' innovative potential and foster continuous learning, so that students can continue to self-growth, and to use creative ideas in mechanical and electrical engineering industries related practices.

(C) language skills and international perspective culture
With language skills training and learn new knowledge engineering-related mechanical and electrical industries at home and abroad to establish its broad international perspective in the professional field.

(D) Training humanities and social care
General Education with school literacy courses and professional training courses, the promotion of teamwork and engineering ethics, culture humanities and social care.

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